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About Our Company

Ralph Joseph Onesti Piano Restorations
1317 MacDade Boulevard, Woodlyn, PA 19094
Phone or Fax 610.833.1657    email: inquiry@onestipiano.com

We feel that a consumer should know as much as they can about a vendor. Below you will learn how and why our company came to be. Scrolling down, you will find a listing of clients we currently service or have serviced in the past.
You may also visit our Local Artists page which is offered as a courtesy to showcase local talent.

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Technical Biography and Background
Ralph Joseph Onesti, RPT
Registered/Qualified Member of the Piano Technicians Guild and Master Piano Technicians of America

Early on, it was evident to family and friends, that Ralph Onesti had an uncanny talent for understanding and memorizing, not only the mechanics, but also the physics of many things. He began his studies in the field of Piano Technology in 1962, with his uncle, a longtime Piano Craftsman, at his side while tuning. After showing great accomplishment, and determining that he could do no more for Ralph, his uncle sent him to become an apprentice to one, John L. Scheer, a nationally recognized technician. Once under Mr. Scheer's tutelage, he became proficient in various, essential, field techniques. This was to become the start of Ralph Joseph Onesti Piano Restorations.

In addition to running a piano tuning service business, with a growing passion for acoustical instruments, Ralph also studied violin making and classical guitar building with a local luthier.

Ralph's work with the piano would not be limited simply to tuning and repairs. As always, he would not be satisfied until he fully understood every aspect of the job he was to undertake.

He enrolled in studies in the field of Engineering, specifically the areas of Acoustics and Physics. Afterward he set out to further familiarize himself by training with several recognized leaders in the piano industry. In every case, as observed by these masters, the student soon surpassed the mentor. In addition, he felt it imperative that he not only become somewhat proficient at playing the instrument, but also that he complete courses in Music Education.

It is therefore evident that a rich background, including engineering, music education, piano studies, and studies in the field of stringed instruments, laid the foundation for Ralph Onesti's becoming one of the most recognized piano remanufacturers in the country and the finest service facility in the Delaware Valley region.

Ralph continued to strive for improvement in his day-to-day work. As a result of this attitude, and his desire to give back to the field of Piano Technology some of those benefits that he had derived, he set out to instruct others. His teaching has taken him from private lessons in his shop, to teaching a full Piano Technology Course, locally at the university level, as well as teaching regionally, nationally, and internationally for The Piano Technicians Guild and the Master Piano Technicians of America. A desire to help, coupled with his engineering background gave way to the development of several innovative, rebuilding tools, created by Ralph Onesti and used nationwide by piano remanufacturers and technicians today.

In conclusion, all instruments serviced or rebuilt by Ralph Joseph Onesti Piano Restorations, are, in their completion, the consummate result of one person's commitment to provide the very finest restoration and service facility available.

Recognized, both regionally, nationally, and internationally, Ralph Joseph Onesti Piano Restorations is responsible for setting, and keeping, a standard for the highest quality instrument restorations, as well as efficient and timely service in the home, school, church, or on the concert stage.

The following is a chronological outline and brief biography including education, training, development and related experience:

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Client's we enjoy servicing or have serviced in the past.

= Personal Technician
R = Rebuilding Client
VA = Visiting Artist
RT = Resident Technician
ASR = Artist's Special Request

NB: This list is offered to demonstrate our more recognizable clients. It is, by its very nature, incomplete and is in no special order.

Richard Raub/Academy of Vocal Arts (PT)
Dr. Vincent Craig, WCSU Swope Hall (PT)
Dr. William Gatens, Good Shepherd, WFLN RADIO (PT, R, RT)
Dr. Mark Tannenbaum (PT, R)
Terry Klinefelter (PT, R)
Rick Hall Recording Studios (RT)
Jimmie Amadie, Villanova University (PT, referred by G. Blood)
Wilmington Grand Opera House (VA,Technician Request by T. Sterner)
Pierre and Elise DuPont (R, referred by H. Meyermann)
MargaretAnn Delaplane (R, PT, referred by H. Meyermann)
Immanuel Baptist Church, Wilmington, DE (R, referred by H. Meyermann)
Colonial School District, New Castle, DE (R, referred by H. Meyermann)
William Penn High School, New Castle, DE (RT, referred by H. Meyermann)
Main Line Unitarian Church, Dr. Vincent Craig, Dir.(RT, R)
Gratz College (RT)
Overbrook School for the Blind (R, referred by Dr. H. Giersch)
North Penn High School (R, referred by Dr. H. Giersch)
Rose Tree Media School District (RT)
Wissahickon School District (RT, R)
Plymouth Whitemarsh High School, Colonial School District (RT)
Methacton School District (RT)
Paxon Hollow Middle School, Marple Newtown School District (RT)
Cheyney University (RT, referred by Sonja Lynne)
Widener University (RT)
George Blood, Recording Engineer, Philadelphia Orchestra, Kimmel Center (PT)
Bobby Short (VA)
Michael Feinstein (VA)
Duke Ellington Band (VA)
Oscar Peterson (VA)
Sarah Vaughn (VA)
New School of Music, Tamara Brooks (RT)
Temple University/Main, Ambler, Center City Campus (R,RT)
Vladimir Sokoloff, Curtis Institute, WHYY (VA, ASR)
Rudolph Serkin, Mozart on the Square (ASR,VA)
Pennsylvania Ballet (RT)
Philadelphia Opera Company (RT)

Arden Theater (RT)
The Walnut Street Theater (RT)
The Hershey/DoubleTree Philadelphia Hotel (RT)
Annenberg Center, University of Pennsylvania (RT)
Davidsbund Chamber Players (RT)
Concerto Soloists of Philadelphia (RT)
Philadelphia College of the Performing Arts (RT)
The Philadelphia School (RT, R)
University of Pennsylvania, CC Campus (R, RT)
Rutgers University, Camden Campus (RT)
Mozart Orchestra, W. Jerome (ASR, VA)
Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia, T. Brooks (RT)
Robin Hood Dell (RT)
Andrew Willis, New School, Official Pianist/Philadelphia Orchestra (PT)
Natalie Hinderas, Temple University (PT)
Lambert Orkis, National Symphony (PT)
Susan Starr, Philadelphia College of the Performing Arts (ASR, VA)
Claus Tennstedt (VA)
Philadelphia Singers, M. Korn (RT)
Vladimir Horowitz (VA, ASR)
Arthur Rubinstein (VA,ASR)
Joseph Plon (PT, VA)
Chestnut Hill Academy (R)
Chestnut Hill College (R)
Settlement Music School (ASR)
Benjamin Whitten, West Chester University (PT)
Shirley Aliferis, West Chester University (PT)
Nijole Dedinas, West Chester University (PT)
West Chester University School of Music (R)/Visiting Artist Series (VA)
American Music Theater Festival (RT, VA)
Magnetik Productions (WFLN/Franklin Broadcasting) (RT)
Malcom Bilson, Cornell University (R)
Bill Balkin (VA)
Michael Korn (PT)
Marc André Hamlin (PT)
WHYY Radio (RT)
The Agnes Irwin School (RT, R)
Bud Dengler, Music Director, Agnes Irwin School (PT, R)
St. Lukes of The Epiphany Church (RT, R)
Ridley School District (RT)
Westtown School District (ASR, VA)
'We The People' Celebration of Philadelphia (VA)
Jonathan Bowen, St. Luke's of the Epiphany, (PT, R, RT)
Kim Beamon, St. John's Church, (RT)

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Industry and Trade Clients

The following is a list of those for whom we have worked over the past thirty-six years. These are capable technicians and/or manufacturers, the most discerning type of client a rebuilder might service. To be chosen and accepted by one's peers nationally, as their custom piano rebuilder or consultant, is truly an honor. Pianos from the following are in service all over the United States.

= Rebuilding Client
C = Field/Shop Consultant
RTC = Regional Technical Consultant
RPT = Registered Piano Technician
MPT = Master Piano Technician

NOTE: Rebuilding clients' work consists of higher-level types of shop work not normally handled by in-house personnel such as: soundboard, pin block, bridges, and action manufacturing and design.

Thomas Sterner, RPT (R,C), Wilmington Opera House, Wilmington, DE
Henry T. Meyerman, Sr., RPT Piano Service (R,C), Wilmington, DE
Michael Sweeney Piano Craftsman, RPT (R,C) Wayne, PA
Donn Young, RPT, Accurate Piano Service (R,C) Devon, PA
James Chadwick, RPT (R,C) Drexel Hill, PA
Stephen Prentice, RPT Piano Service (R,C), West Chester, PA
Richard F. Rioux, Piano Service (R,C), New Egypt, NJ
C. Paul Joseph, RPT Piano Service (R,C), Upper Darby, PA
Howard Stickley III, RPT, Piano Service (R), Philadelphia, PA
John Campbell, RPT, Piano Service (R,C), Phoenixville, PA
Steve Houck, RPT (R), Baton Rouge, LA
Webb Phillips, RPT, Allied Piano Service,(C) Horsham, PA
Sol Kohen, RPT, Piano Service (R,C) Horsham, PA
Peter Reichlin, RPT (R,C) Washington's Crossing, PA
Victor Benvenuto, Sr., RPT, The Piano Shoppe (R,C) Philadelphia, PA
Joseph Benvenuto Piano Service, MPT (R,C) Mt. Airy, PA
Edwin C. Trefz (R,C) Norwood, PA
Joseph Sciortino Piano Service (R), NY
Copelin Piano Service (R), Arkansas
Young Chang America (RTC,C)
Kawai America (RTC,C)
Mason & Hamlin (RTC,C)
Baldwin Piano Company (RTC)
Sammick (RTC,C)
Geneva International, Corp., Wheeling, IL (RTC, C)
Pacific Piano Supply Company, Van Nuys, CA (R)
Wesley E. Beaumont Piano Service, (R) Princeton, NJ
C. Alan Lightcap Restorations (R) Lambertville, NJ
Leary Musical Service (R,C) Cleveland, OH
Stuart Davidson Pianos (R,C) Sioux Falls, SD
Ralph E. Nelson Pianos (R,C) Hayward, CA
Polans, AMICA (R) Long Island, NY
LA Piano Service (R) Los Angeles, CA
Steven P. Winder Piano Service, RPT (R), Harleysville, PA
Aeolian Restorations, Rebuilders (R), Sumneytown, PA
John Daubert Piano Service (R), Barrington, NJ
James Ficca Piano Service (R), Wilmington, DE
Judith Palmer, RPT (R,C) Merion, PA
Herman Giersch, Media, PA(R,C,RTC)
Best Piano Services, Putnam Valley, NY (R)
Luca Music, Mineral Spring, RI (R)
Meridian Music, Indianapolis, IN (RTC)

QUALIFICATION: Neither the company, Ralph Joseph Onesti Piano Restorations, nor the individual, Ralph J. Onesti, is affiliated with, connected with or related to, any of the named individuals or companies. It is to be understood that any work performed for the named companies, institutions or individuals is strictly by contract agreement only. The company, Ralph Joseph Onesti Piano Restorations, and the individual, Ralph J. Onesti, have been separate entities for their entire existance in the field of piano technology starting in 1964.

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