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Exquisitely Restored
Grand Pianos

Ralph Joseph Onesti Piano Restorations
1317 MacDade Boulevard, Woodlyn, PA 19094
Phone or Fax 610.833.1657    email: restoredgrands@onestipiano.com

We will, on occasion, offer an instrument for preview, which we have personally chosen to restore. These instruments (please scroll down the page), made available only at random, are truly the ultimate in workmanship, performance and of impeccable quality. This level of quality and craftsmanship will rarely be found on a showroom floor, and certainly not through a web based marketplace.
It has been our experience that most are pre-sold prior to their completion, by reputation and referral. These truly exquisite offerings can be viewed by scheduled appointment only. You may use this link to read what others have to say regarding our work. Please check back with us periodically as we will update this page as others become available.

Magnificent Mason & Hamlin AA, c. 1898 SN 10910

This handsomely elegant, 6'2" grand piano has burly, fluted, barrel legs, a striking mahogany case and matching music desk with a very beautiful and busy wood grain feature. The instrument has been refinished with considerable care, in hand-rubbed satin, in warm tones.

Every aspect of this instrument has been entirely restored, with precise and uncompromising attention to detail. Beyond its stylish appearance, as an instrument, the piano has exceptional performance qualities.

Marvelous tones and touch make this piano a joy to play. It is truly an investment to be enjoyed both acoustically and esthetically. The instrument is offered with a full Dampp-Chaser Climate Control System installed.

If you are a true piano lover, can appreciate the look of a truly gorgeous piece of furniture, and are in the mood to treat yourself or someone you love, please let your curiosity get the best of you! Feel free to inquire regarding its availability or to set an appointment to view and play it in person.

Contact via email at ralph_onesti@msn.com or by phone at 610.833.1657.

This piano should be compared to a brand new Mason and Hamlin Monticello selling at 61,000.00.

The difference is, this piano is less expensive, is better and has a Fifteen Year Warranty.

The process: You come in, you preview the piano, you fall in love, you make an offer...it couldn't be more simple!

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