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Piano Technician's Portal

Ralph Joseph Onesti Piano Restorations
1317 MacDade Boulevard, Woodlyn, PA 19094
Phone or Fax 610.833.1657    email: technical@onestipiano.com

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Hello and welcome to the area of our site dedicated to technicians!

There is no time like the present to give credit where credit is due.

Right here, right now, we'd like to thank the many talented, capable and business-minded technicians who have chosen to work through Ralph Joseph Onesti Piano Restorations in one capacity or another. Your continued confidence in our work, and decision to provide the highest-level workmanship for your clients has not only proven mutually beneficial over the years, but has created a further demand for this type of craftsmanship throughout the industry.

We hope you will welcome the intent of this site, which is in support of the finest levels of piano service, technology and restoration by Registered Piano Technicians. You have shown the commitment to maintain and improve the level of service you offer your clients by being tested and qualified through the Piano Technicians Guild and the Master Piano Technicans of America.

As this site will be ever changing, not unlike the wood and metal sources of our incomes, please feel free to come back and visit often.

The future will hold a resource for items we hope you will find both useful and financially beneficial in your respective areas of expertise. Please feel free, at this time, to visit our Tech Tools page. We appreciate your thoughts and comments.

With Regards and Respect,

Ralph Joseph Onesti, RPT

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