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Key Balance Hole Repair System - Product Information
Journal Article, Key Balance Hole Repair
Questions & Answers
Power Point Presentation available for Chapter Technical

Onesti Key Balance Hole Repair System

(Balance Rail Pin Hole)

In our industry TIME is a valuable commodity that none of us can afford to use carelessly. If the situation described below sounds all too familiar, AND, like most technicians, you are interested in achieving exceptional results in the least amount of time possible, read carefully. This information will not only SAVE YOU TIME, it will assure that you KEEP YOUR PROFITS!Onesti Key Repair System


How many times have you rebuilt an entire action, only to find that the end result does not have the feel of a new piano? The feel you are looking for is both tight and firm, but not stiff. Key chucking is more than likely the reason for the problem…sound familiar?

Possible Solutions.

After coming upon this realization, you try one of the normally available methods.

More often, than not, realization #2 (often after additional time and expense), is that they are grossly inaccurate and extremely noisy. When all is said and done, the results are an uneven keyboard with a percussion section all it's own!


Faced with two alternatives, you either:
Send your keyboard work out (an added, and unnecessary expense - our retail charge for a complete set of 88 keys with pickup and delivery = $795.)
- OR -
Make a one-time investment, which can pay for itself with the first use. It will not only remove all the frustrating guesswork, but allow you to achieve the most permanent, and accurate correction possible (usually within 3 hours for 88 holes). And you can perform this procedure in the comfort and safety of your own shop. This tool has been used for years by technicians, retail shops and universities and is not available anywhere else.

Moving from left to right, place your cursor over each frame for an abbreviated preview of the process. An electronic presentation is available upon request. Just click the email link above and we'll be happy to send it ASAP!

Fitting the hole with proper Pilot ToolUsing proper Pilot Tool and Seating Tool

Making discs using proper bit and Disc CutterFinished Disc

Cleaning glue from fitted discThe finished product!

As part of the line of specialty shop tools we have offered to the industry, the ONESTI KEY BALANCE HOLE REPAIR SYSTEM is not only accurate, but, its ease of operation (an understatement) can't go without mention. The system requires a minimum of tools (you probably own them already), is tremendously cost effective, and the instructions are concise and easy to understand (plain English).

This is a great way to add to your income and the services you offer. An article describing this tool as well as its effectiveness appeared in The Journal, submitted by Newton Hunt, RPT. Each unit is carefully tested in-house prior to shipment.

Each complete ONESTI KEY BALANCE HOLE REPAIR SYSTEM includes the following:

1 ea., OKBHRS Repair Disk Cutter
1 ea., OKBHRS Balance Hole Seating Tool
1 ea., OKBHRS Set of Universal Pilot Tools
1 ea., OKBHRS Specialty Drill Bits, .161, .147, .136
Additionally, each system is housed in a custom-fit wooden block for protection and accessibility at your location.

ONESTI KEY BALANCE HOLE REPAIR SYSTEM: Suggested Retail: $700.00 complete, plus shipping and insurance. And now...another first.

Save yourself more time! We've just made it even easier to get started. Now you can order the Hardwood Repair Strip Blanks below and get started without delay! No need to locate a source of quality Poplar for your projects. We can supply it for you. Just say the word and we'll ship them with your tool so you're ready to go when it arrives.

OR - You can order the system without the Repair Disk Cutter and we'll supply the ready-to-use, Pre-drilled Repair Disks - your choice!

ONESTI KEY BALANCE HOLE REPAIR SYSTEM without the Repair Disk Cutter: $660.00, plus shipping; just order a set of Pre-Drilled Hardwood Repair Disks described below (approx. 100), supplied as three strips, ready to use. Please specify the balance rail pin size needed.

Approximate delivery 6 weeks when not in stock. Call for availability.


Good News! Sometimes the little guys do get a break. We managed to obtain a great deal on Poplar, so while it lasts we can pass on the savings to you!

Pre-drilled Hardwood Repair Disks: Set of approximately 100 pcs; $83.50 plus shipping (specify balance rail pin size). Additional sets $73.50 when included in same order.
Hardwood Repair Strip Blanks: Set of hardwood strips, enough for one set; evenly planed, finished on both sides, 1/4 inch by 1 1/2 inches wide, and ready for use with the Repair Disk Cutter (included in the complete system); $40.00 per set, plus shipping. Additional sets $30.00 when included in same order.

Approximate delivery 1 week.

*Applies to purchase of complete system only
All prices subject to change without notice.

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The following unsolicited comments were received shortly following the purchase of the Onesti Key Balance Hole Repair System:

A few weeks ago I purchased your balance hole replacement tool set, and today I finished my first set of keys. They are from a Steinway L in one of our practice rooms, and the action was just horrible. I replaced the balance holes and the bushings, and now the keys feel great. I can’t say just how long the job took; as a university technician, I usually have a couple of projects going at once, plus concerts, recitals, etc. I can say with absolute certainty, though, that replacing the balance holes with your system was a piece of cake! The whole job went off totally without a hitch, and next time will certainly be quicker. Thanks for such a great product.

Ken Z.

Really a wonderful product, and (with minor assistance) no hitches. It's a grand slam!! Now I will have no problem doing any keysets.

Thanks for all the help and the great product.

William M.

Q & A

Onesti Key (Balance Hole) Repair System

We have found that the questions most asked, most of which are included below, are an important part of the decision making process. We hope that the information provided here will answer most any question you might have, if not, we are available to answer your questions personally.


Power Point Presentation
In response to your many requests for a presentation format, we have made a step-by-step, illustrated guide with complete instructions, formatted for use as a Chapter Technical, on the use of this tool. It is available on CD, with the Power Point program included. It can be used on a laptop or, for group presentation can be used with an LCD projector.

Please contact the office or click the tools link above with your inquiries or to obtain a copy for your next Chapter Technical.

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