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and Accessories

Ralph Joseph Onesti Piano Restorations
1317 MacDade Boulevard, Woodlyn, PA 19094
Phone or Fax 610.833.1657    email: merchandise@onestipiano.com

We can supply many items necessary for the maintenance and upkeep of your instrument to include, but not limited to the following:

Climate Control Systems and Supplies: Dampp-Chaser Certified Installer and Field Expert. Replacement pads and Water Conditioner Treatment.

Piano Benches: Artist Benches, standard, duet or petite size, various finishes, leg styles, vinyl apolstered, also offered in leather. Wood and combination seats, various finishes and styles.

Bench Pads: In a variety of colors and fabrics.

Pedal Covers: Felt fabric, protects metal from scratching.

Castor Cups: Various types and finishes, wooden and acrylic. Please measure your castor prior to calling. Protects flooring and carpeting.

Piano Covers: Breathable fabric offering protection that will fend off the potentially damaging effects of domestic pets, or house renovations. Used by both institutional and private clients. Please have your pianos model, manufacturer and serial number when you call.

Fallboard Locks: Protect the piano between uses, or protect young hands from being injured by the fallboard.

Custom Grand Piano String Covers: Lightweight covers, made of the highest quality woven wool, will protect the strings and board from dust, animal hair or other debris (the accidentally spilled beverage). Its use will not dampen the sound and built in batons keep the cover off of the strings entirely. Each attractive cover is custom fit with serged edges and decorative stitching. It is available in several colors with coordinating trim stitching colors to match your piano and decor. If your instruments pattern is not on file, an appointment may be necessary to measure and create a pattern.

Cleaning/Polishing Kits: For all finishes, Satin and Hi Polish. Key Cleaning solution.

Piano Trucks: Grand and Vertical models available. Please have the manufacturer, model and serial number of your piano prior to calling.

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